Health Updates

Babaji Health Update
August 26, 2018

Dear Devotees, Friends, and Supporters of Babaji,

Babaji continues to receive excellent care, and his health has remained stable through the summer months. A Hospice nurse visits him every week.

Something that has changed recently is the platform for receiving gifts for Babaji over the internet. The YouCaring site was taken over by GoFundMe, so all one-time gifts made through the BabaHariDass.org website will be directed to the GoFundMe page: 


Of course, checks can also be written to Baba Hari Dass and mailed thus:

Babaji’s Care 445 Summit Rd Watsonville, CA 95076

and cash may be given to the Reception Office at Mount Madonna Center

We are ever grateful for the many gifts that continue to sustain Babaji’s medical care. 


Join us for Guru Purnima
July 13, 2018

Practicing meditation on a regular basis is like wiping the dust from a mirror every day. In a clean mirror you can see yourself clearly. Similarly, in the clean mind the Self is seen.     ~ Baba Hari Dass

Dear Friends,

As Guru Purnima approaches, we reflect on how we have been blessed by knowing Baba Hari Dass, our beloved teacher, mentor, and friend. His examples of compassion and selfless service are an ongoing inspiration and reminder for each of us.  

Over the last few years, Babaji's daily care has been made possible through the generosity of many – Thank You!  This support provides the best quality of life given Babaji’s extreme physical limitations, which necessitate full assistance with every aspect of day to day life.

As Babaji’s health care needs increase, we ask for your continued help in providing the highest quality of care for him. Costs have risen, and every gift is important for sustaining Babaji. We invite you to please make your contribution now.

Ways to give:

Give online at: www.babaharidass.org/give Monthly or recurring gifts are very helpful!

Make a check out to: Baba Hari Dass, and either mail it to:  Babaji's Care, 445 Summit Rd, Watsonville, CA, 95076 

OR give it to the Reception Office at MMC.

Questions? Please email sarada@mountmadonna.org

Please join us for Guru Purnima on July 27th, celebrated at MMC Info:  https://www.mountmadonna.org/calendar/guru-purnima-2018

Sign up to receive Babaji’s health updates:  http://hanumanfellowship.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=0879d6c3112cb8b85e430e35f&id=205fdfdd20


With gratitude, Babaji’s Caregiver Group

Babaji Health Update
June 27, 2018

Babaji remains on Hospice in stable condition. Most of the time he is in bed sleeping or dozing but he is able to spend a little time in a chair in his sitting room almost daily, dozing there intermittently. His doctors have affirmed the excellent level of care Babaji receives. Thanks again and again to all who offer prayers and loving thoughts and financial support. Our offerings are Babaji’s sustenance.

Babaji Health Update
May 21, 2018

We want to express our deepest gratitude for the generous response to our recent appeal for more funding to support Babaji's care. Such an outpouring of Love is truly inspiring, as well as essential to continue the highest quality of care possible for Babaji. 

Babaji’s condition has remained stable. 


Babaji Health Update
April 10, 2018

Babaji is now on Hospice, and his additional caregiving needs have increased monthly expenses (Note: Babaji is ineligible for Medicare assistance). The 24/7 paid staff that is required and the wonderful services that Hospice provides have increased costs, and funds on hand are getting depleted. 

We respectfully ask once again for your support to help us continue the excellent care that Babaji needs. 

Thank you for your past gifts, and for your ongoing prayers and well wishes. 

Babaji's Care Fundraising Group

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To join the Emergency Text System simply text START to 831 226 0245

If you would like to send a gift or set up a monthly recurring contribution to support Babaji's care, please go to:



you may write a check made out to Baba Hari Dass and send it to:

Mount Madonna Center
℅ Babaji's Care
445 Summit Rd
Watsonville, CA 95076

Please Note: Every gift goes directly for Babaji's care and is not tax deductible. Any gift amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

Please Note Correction: This is Babaji as a boy of about age 7 with his Aunt (not his mother)