Health Updates

Babaji Health Update
March 29, 2018

Dear Friends,

Please continue your prayers and good wishes for our beloved Babaji. Within the context of being a Hospice patient, his condition continues to be relatively stable and supervised by weekly visits from the Hospice nurse. 

Babaji as a child with his aunt

Babaji Health Update
February 05, 2018

Photos taken by Sudhir, Jan 17, 2018

Babaji’s gradual decline continues. In this last week Babaji is eating less. His vigilant care continues 24/7. May we be joined together by our thoughts and prayers for his peace. 

We want to be certain that everyone who desires to be contacted in the event of Babaji's passing will be. To that end, we are re-publishing a letter previously posted on August 4th, 2017: 

As Babaji’s health continues to decline, many of us are asking about preparations to honor him at the time of his passing. Please know that all will be informed via this website, by email*, and by text via the Hanuman Fellowship Emergency Text** system, in the event that Babaji leaves his body. 

There will be places for us to gather for prayers, ritual observances and supportive satsang including Mount Madonna Center, Pacific Cultural Center, Sri Ram Ashram, Salt Spring Centre and Toronto Satsang. Information will be sent at the appropriate time. Per Babaji’s specific instructions we will observe all vedic rituals.

Your continued prayers for Babaji and our satsang are an honoring as well.

Wishing You Peace,
Babaji’s Caregiver Group and Panchayat

If you are not sure you already are included on these lists, you can contact the following:

 * To get added to the Email Updates about Babaji’s health, sign up under the “Email Updates” tab at:  www.babaharidass.org

** To be part of the HFS Emergency Text notification for Babaji’s and all other emergencies, please text START to 831-226-0245. You may want to add this # to your contact list as "HFS Emergency Texts".

Babaji Health Update
January 10, 2018

Babaji’s health has changed little over the past month. His time sleeping continues to very gradually increase. Your ongoing prayers for Babaji's peace and well being are deeply felt and appreciated. 

Babaji Health Update
December 02, 2017

Dear Fellowship and Satsang Friends and Community, 

In this season when Blessings and Love are especially honored, we want to express our gratitude for the selfless compassion and service that Babaji showered on all those who came to him. He guided us through the yogic teachings that he shared in classes, as well as masterfully displayed them in his every day activities. He led us in meditating, doing our work, accomplishing our goals, performing Vedic rituals, singing praise to the Divine Spirit, and playing with youthful enthusiasm and delight. His constant service for the benefit of the world and all beings in it have left us with unforgettable inspiration. 

May we continue to hold both Babaji's teachings and his example in our hearts and minds as we navigate our lives. May our prayers and gifts for his well-being remain steadfast as we honor all that he has given. 

Thank You again and again to the many who have offered support for Babaji through prayers, thoughts, and financial gifts. 

Babaji’s need for care 24/7 continues. If you would like to send a gift or set up a monthly recurring contribution to support Babaji's care, please go to:



you may write a check made out to Baba Hari Dass and send it to:

Babaji's Care 445 Summit Rd Watsonville, CA 95076

Please Note: Every gift goes directly for Babaji's care and thus is not tax deductible. Any gift amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

To view all posted Updates and photos of Babaji, or to sign up to receive his health updates, go to www.babaharidass.org

If you would like to be informed via text in case of an emergency concerning Babaji's health or road closures or natural disasters affecting travel to MMC, send a text to 1-831-226-0245 with the word START. You may want to add this # to your contact list as "HFS Emergency Texts."

Babaji feeding Rama, our 2nd Ashram child

Ma Renu with Babaji in India

Babaji Working at Sri Ram Ashram

Babaji health update
November 21, 2017

Dear Ones,

During this Thanksgiving season we give gratitude for our Fellowship and Satsang. Babaji's example and teachings of love and peace always inspire us, and we especially want to acknowledge it at this time. 

The fall has brought a significant decline to Babaji's physical activity. He is sleeping more, eating less, and needs much rest. In his brief time awake Babaji is alert and his eyes remain kind and responsive. His physicians say this change is normal and to be expected, and they continue to comment on the excellent care that Babaji receives.  

Please continue to send your thoughts and prayers on behalf of Babaji and his well being. Know you are welcome to join in the various Fellowship activities during this Holiday time.