Health Updates

Babaji Update
October 20, 2017

Babaji's health continues to be stable while his "awake and active" time very gradually decreases. His presence continues to feel loving and accepting. 

Thanks to all who send prayers, positive thoughts, and financial support for Babaji's care. 

Babaji Update
September 25, 2017

You are invited to participate in the HFS oral history project! Please see the invitation letter here: http://hanumanfellowship.org/Oral_History_Letter.pdf

Babaji Update
August 04, 2017

August 2017

Dear Satsang and Babaji's Well Wishers,

Babaji’s presence continues to bless and inspire. The most noticeable difference in his health condition is reduced activity. It was recently decided that his care should be under the supervision of a palliative physician. He is stable, comfortable, alert and loving but his time awake is limited. He continues to enjoy his meals and some moments of playing balloon ball. 

As Babaji’s health continues to decline, many of us are asking about preparations to honor him at the time of his passing. Please know that all will be informed via this website, by email*, and by text via the Hanuman Fellowship Emergency Text** system, in the event that Babaji leaves his body. 

There will be places for us to gather for prayers, ritual observances and supportive satsang including Mount Madonna Center, Pacific Cultural Center, Sri Ram Ashram, Salt Spring Centre, and in Toronto. Information will be sent at the appropriate time. Per Babaji’s specific instructions we will observe all vedic rituals.

Your continued prayers for Babaji and our satsang are an honoring as well,

Babaji Caregiver Group and


If you are not sure you already are included on these lists, you can contact the following:

 *MMC Reception office (408-847-0406 ext 7) or reception@mountmadonna.org

** text START to 831- 226-0245

Offering Gratitude to Our Teacher
July 05, 2017

Dear Fellowship and Satsang Friends and Community, 

As Guru Purnima approaches, we reflect on how we have been changed by knowing Baba Hari Dass, our beloved teacher, mentor, and friend. In the many ways he has influenced our lives, his examples of kindness and compassion are a constant theme. In honor of Guru Purnima, a time dedicated to offering gratitude to present and past teachers, we invite you to be a part of Babaji’s ongoing care.
Over the last few years, Babaji's daily care has been made possible through the generosity of many – Thank You! This support provides the best quality of life given his extreme physical limitations, which necessitate full assistance with every aspect of day to day life.
As Babaji’s health care needs continue, we ask for your continued help in providing the highest quality of care for him. We invite you to please make your contribution now.
Ways to give:
Give online at: www.babaharidass.org/give
Monthly or recurring gifts are very helpful!
Make a check out to: Hari Dass, and either mail it to:
Babaji's Care, 445 Summit Rd, Watsonville, CA, 95076
OR give it to the Reception Office at MMC.
Questions? Please email Sarada@mountmadonna.org.
Please join us for Guru Purnima on July 8, celebrated at MMC during the Liberation Retreat. Info:  https://www.mountmadonna.org/calendar/guru-purnima-2017.
Liberation Retreat (July 4-8) information: www.mountmadonna.org/calendar/liberation-yoga-retreat
Sign up to receive Babaji’s health updates:  hanumanfellowship.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=0879d6c3112cb8b85e430e35f&id=205fdfdd20
In gratitude,
Fundraising Group for Babaji’s Care
Arpita Ezell, Sarada Diffenbaugh, Purnima Conway, Ratna Sturz, Radha Mallery, & Lara Kilpatrick

Babaji Health Update
June 07, 2017

Dear Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate Guru Purnima (July 8) it is an auspicious time to honor our beloved teacher with our prayers and well wishes. Please enjoy these photos from past celebrations. 

Babaji's condition is stable, although his age and health combine to greatly limit his activity. While there is a very gradual process of decline, Babaji's presence continues to inspire peace and love. 

May we always remember his teachings of unity of purpose and peace through service, spiritual practice, and the company of fellow seekers.