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August 14, 2015
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June 30, 2015
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June 10, 2015
Babaji Health Update
May 20, 2015
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March 31, 2015
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February 21, 2015
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February 01, 2015

We are blessed that Babaji continues to be stable and comfortable. His days are filled primarily with rest, physical therapy and occasional visits from students and friends. We continue to be grateful for Babaji's teachings and life of service.

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January 18, 2015
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December 08, 2014
Babaji Health Update
November 28, 2014

Dear ones,

Babaji continues to face his health challenges with strength and good spirit. While his mobility and energy are limited he does PT with concentration and joy. Aside from PT, days are spent resting and evenings sometimes include watching Kumoni bhajans and dances. Although his health is fragile, his quality of life is excellent. He is happy, loving and peaceful.

At this time of thanksgiving we offer gratitude for Babaji and his teachings.

With love to all
The Caretaker Team