Rites and Rituals

Dear Satsang and Babaji's Well Wishers,

As you may know, Babaji's health declined significantly in October 2013. Although it is not expected that Babaji will regain his full former strength and be able to participate in our activities as before, by the grace of God he is stable, comfortable, and in good spirits.

Everyone has been so very respectful of Babaji's need for rest and quiet now. His physicians assure us that this remains a vital part of his recovery, so our efforts need to continue in this way.

While there is no current urgency, this health crisis has sparked questions from many of you that we want to address.

Please know:

  1. Should Babaji suffer another major health crisis we will inform everyone via email.
  2. Should Babaji's passing seem imminent we will inform everyone via email.
  3. In the event of Babaji's sudden passing we will inform everyone via email.

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Per Babaji’s specific instructions we will observe all vedic rituals and protocols that he has trained us in for many years. These are as follows:

Should Babaji have a period of “active dying” the satsang will be able to gather together at his home to pay respects and offer prayers of peace, while respecting those attending to his physical needs.

After death all vedic rituals will be observed and open to the satsang. At the home, these include cleansing of the body, mantra, kirtan, and vigil.

His direction is to cremate the body the day of the death or as soon as possible depending on the time of death. The body is appropriately and ritualistically removed from the home and flowers and prayers are again offered. Then the body is brought by procession to the cremation site.

At the time of cremation there will be mantras, prayers, and flower offerings. Everyone present will have the opportunity to circumambulate the body in a farewell offering. Those who choose to remain during the cremation may continue with a vigil of prayer and meditation. Ashes are collected immediately upon completion of the cremation.

Upon returning home after the cremation there are additional protocols observed. This includes washing, and jumping over fire.

Then there are twelve days of morning ritual observance called tarpanam. These ceremonies will be held at both MMC and PCC and will be open to the full satsang. As it is anticipated that many will travel a great distance to participate in these rituals, provision will be made for staying at MMC at reduced rates.

A concluding Shraddha ceremony will be held on the 13th morning following death. This will be at the MMC lake. Offerings from this ceremony will be buried at Sankat Mohan Hanuman Mandir at a site of perpetual remembrance for our beloved Guruji. A traditional feast and then an afternoon of shared memories, story telling, singing, and pictures will follow the ceremony.

Just as the above is in accordance with Babaji’s wishes, he also requested that his ashes eventually be offered to the Ganga in India. This will be arranged with enough notice for any who are able to join to be present.

We continue to pray for Babaji's healing and offer immense gratitude for his presence. This information is offered at this time only in response to the many inquiries that have arisen and as assurance that we will be able to gather together to honor and support him in transition, whenever that time arrives.

In Peace,

The Caretaker Group &
Panchayat Members